Hey! My name is Radosław Mejer and I’m a freelance developer. Welcome to Baethon - my “professional” side of life.

I’ve started interesting in programming since a time when all materials could be obtained only on compact discs. Without access to the internet I learned to write my first shellcode, later I gained interest in something called “web design”.

This passion stayed with me. For the past decade, I gained knowledge of writing robust web applications, focus on clean architecture and maintaining (and improving) this creep called “legacy application”.

I’ve become:

  • PHP anti-hater (with strong emotions towards Laravel)
  • Javascript ninja
  • Docker enthusiast
  • VIM lover
  • Somewhat a Devops
  • Pragmatist

I specialize in doing backends. That’s it. I don’t have any sense of design, so I’m not going to say that I’m a full-stack developer (although I know my way around React or Vue). I’m also a Toptal Freelance Developer.

You can reach me via my Twitter account @_radmen or by sending e-mail to: radmen@baethon.com.