Hello World!

Every time I start learning a new language it starts with the famous “Hello World”. Since it’s my first time starting a tech-blog I thought it should be named in the same way.

Since it’s the first post on this blog I should also clarify some things.

This whole page (not only a blog) may be called a company page. I named my company Baethon which is some sort of a pun - in Poland, it may be mispronounced as “beton” which means… concrete. For some time I wanted even to add a slogan: “concrete solutions”. Pretty catchy huh?

I intend to work as a freelancer so this whole company page thing will be focused on me (that’s why About page is mostly about myself).

So why I decided to use Baethon and wrap myself around it? There’s actually no simple answer to this.

It helps me to separate my private life from professional work. Also, I plan to release my open-source stuff under this name. My “private” profile is going to be used for sorts of projects, or applications (mostly experimental stuff).

Going back to the blog. I realized that I’ve worked on many projects in which I’ve done lots of funky stuff. Quite often I need it in other projects and I have problems with finding those things.

I’d like to use this blog as sort-of notes for myself. Something I can easily find and use later. Now, I’m not sure how this will work for me, yet I hope that those notes may be found useful for others. That’s why I’m going to post them in a form of a blog.

I’m really excited about this thing. Let’s see how it goes!