Starting own project: Flowsentry

There are those moments when I get an idea for making a “project”. Whether it’s a package or full-blown application. I think that it’s pretty common for all of us to have this. Most of my ideas die in the early stages - mostly before any development. Recently I got another idea for an application. Something that occupied my mind for many days and just couldn’t get out of my head. Since I got some time I decided to give it a try and start implementing.

The idea for the project came from one of my engagements. Let’s say that we have an application that accepts a file from a user (1) and sends it to an external service (2) which starts processing it. Once finished, the data is sent back to the application (3) and the user receives the notification that everything succeeded. This flow is considered successful when all goals are met (in this exact order).

The problem we faced - the external service not always sent back the data and we didn’t have any monitoring which could send us an alert when this happens.

And then this idea hit me. Maybe I could create something that tracks those goals and alerts devs that somethings stopped working? This sounded like a fun project that could be done in my spare time.

With this post, I’d like to start a series of #dev-diaries which could be a documentation of the development process. #flowsentry is going to be a fun project where I intend to experiment with few things. Hopefully, they’ll make good material for a blog post.

I’m planning to open source the application once it’s (more or less) finished. The stack I’m going to use includes Laravel (on top of PHP 7.4 which is currently in RC), Docker, some MQ system. I haven’t decided what I’m going to use on the frontend.

This project is going to be a journey for me. I’m both, excited and frightened about how it will end.